Nicole Broadhurst


Nicole is a Registered Acupuncturist, TCMD and sexual health educator working in Edmonton and surrounding area. She specializes in Sexual and Reproductive Health along with treating various diseases and ailments with Chinese Medicine.

As human beings we have this impulse to share ourselves, now more than ever. We strive to be known, understood or heard, and we are surrounded by opinions and expression constantly.

Ever since she could remember, Nicole was fascinated with human sexuality and reproduction. This sparked an interest in health, so she entered the field in a slightly unconventional way by western standards. Always being an opinionated person and her mind constantly being filled with thoughts while observing everything around her, Nicole began trying to put words to everything she came across. Struggling quite a bit at first she slowly began to articulate things, she believed, in a way that finally made sense. After years and years of writing in journals, notepads, computers, napkins, and basically anything else she could get her hands on, Nicole wanted to have one place where she could share her thoughts. That is what she hopes This to be. Nicole is an Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor and she dedicates her career to finding the balance between Science and Spirit when it comes to Human Beings and their health and well being. Although Nicole relays factual evidence that she has done extensive research into, her biggest learning was that truth seems to feel different for everyone. So everything she shares with you, is just that. Her opinion. Her stance on what she believes to be true and effective. 

This is all food for thought. And for her; This is Home.