Emotional imbalances can exhaust a lot of energy and cloud your judgment in making healthy decisions. Acupuncture helps to bring you back to a state of balance where you are able to think clearly and get back to maintaining a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) has done studies to show that Acupuncture has the ability to increase your serotonin levels; also known as your “happy hormone”, which aids in balancing your emotions and mental state. Whether on antiphsychotic medication, or not, Chinese Medicine has shown effectiveness in regulating your central nervous system which can eliminate common diseases like Anxiety and Depression. 

In Chinese Medicine, each organ system has an emotional counterpart. Along with each organs regular function, they are also in charge of regulating specific emotions  (Joy, Fear, Anger, Fright, Grief and Worry / Pensiveness). This gives Chinese Medicine practitioners an incredible opportunity to help in regulating a more productive mental state for individuals.