Educational Resources


Esther Perel took the world by storm in 2013, when she presented a TED talk: “The secret to desire in a long term relationship”. This talk was a relieving take on why Love and Desire have a difficult time existing together and why Desire tends to dwindle in long term relationships.

She came back with her fresh, direct take on desire when she presented another TED talk in 2015 named: “Rethinking Infidelity…a talk for anyone who has ever loved”. With her book, “Mating in Captivity”, Perel gives unmatched insight into a typical struggle for couples who have been together and seem to struggle with Sex and Intimacy. 


Erika Lust is a Barcelona based adult filmmaker, making ethical erotic films from the feminine viewpoint. For those who are tired of chauvinistic and tacky mainstream porn, she provides countless high quality films for a wide range of fetishes. 

“I pledge to create new waves in adult cinema.”

Erika shows all of the passion, intimacy, love and lust in sex, where the feminine viewpoint is vital, the aesthetic is a pleasure to all of the senses, and those seeking an alternative to mainstream porn can find a home.


A project offering tools for parents to teach the younger generations about porn. 1/3 of all internet traffic is Porn. It is todays sexual education and it is unavoidable. The Porn Conversation offers tools and resources to instigate the talk at home to give adults the opportunity to help kids and teens make smart and informed decisions regarding pornography. 

They provide specific tools and resources to help educate parents and their kids navigate through the world of internet pornography. 


OMG YES is a web based information site regarding pleasure for females. It is run by a group of women who have done extensive scientific research into techniques, methods and realizations for women and their partners to experience pleasure.

“OMGYes is an entirely new way to explore fascinating, useful and fun information that’s been uncovered in new research. Let’s lift the veil and take an honest look at the specific ways women actually find pleasure.” 


TASCC provides information on understanding the stages of sexuality from Birth to Adulthood. They give relevant information on how to speak to youth about sex, sexuality and sexual experiences. 

It is run by a group of interdisciplinary professionals representing Alberta Health Services (AHS). They are committed to supporting healthy sexuality in Canadian communities and promoting healthy sexuality throughout the lifespan. 


Jaiya Ma is a Somatic Sexologist. With 20+ years in the industry, and countless research done into the physical, mental / emotional and energetic sides of Human Sexuality and Pleasure. 

Jay Ma created The Erotic Blueprint™. This has given individuals a foundation for understanding a part of what they require when it comes to their individual pleasure. 


O.School was created by Andrea Barrica. Growing up in a catholic household, she realized the lack of education around sex and wanted to create a place where people could have a proper sex education. 

“We offer the sex ed we all should have had. Through live streams and moderated chats, our Pleasure Professionals will help you overcome shame, heal from trauma, and develop skills to communicate and set boundaries in the pursuit of your sexual pleasure.” 


Courtney Davis, also known as The Empowered Woman, created a tangible practice to explore your sexuality and the power of your vagina. Her E-courses are for women (and Men) who desire sexual freedom and fulfillment, life-changing pleasure and orgasms and profound self-connection.

Courtney speaks about the power of masturbation and how connecting to your sexuality can transform your life. These e-courses are for people who are wondering where to begin when first tapping into, and exploring, your sexuality.