The answer you’ve been looking for

The answer you’ve been looking for

I have come to realize there is no ONE answer for dealing with your pain you experience (past or present).

I know you often think there is just one piece of information you are missing and as soon as you take that workshop, have that medicine, see that practitioner, experience that epiphany, it will make it all better.

The gag is (cue Keke Palmer voice); there is no ONE answer.

It becomes a culmination of continuous things that piece together over time. It comes from the work that you choose to do daily.

Even when it is hard and you feel so tired you choose to sit with yourself and meet yourself just a little deeper. It comes from all those little pieces that begin to create the bigger picture and you can finally see clearly.

To all of you who are cruising through it,

struggling with your fertility, your family trauma, your painful periods, your relationship struggles, your discomfort at work, your fight to love yourself, your transition into motherhood/fatherhood, your fork in the road of life, your depression, your pain, your anxiety, your friendships and your heartache, your difficult conversations, your revisiting a past conflict, your life –

I See You

I Hear You

I Love You

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