The tip to managing PMS that you’ve never heard before

The tip to managing PMS that you’ve never heard before

Remember that time you cried at a Rice Krispies commercial, or the time you looked at your partner and just the sound of his breathing made your skin hot with rage? Ok, maybe that was just me, but if you’re a woman and you’ve experienced PMS before, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS for short) is classified as; “any of a complex of symptoms (including emotional tension and fluid retention) experienced by some women in the days immediately before menstruation. Some common symptoms include : bloating, irritability, weepiness, cravings, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, breakouts, breast tenderness, and more.” It is a widely recognized, and often joked about, condition that most people believe is just a part of being a woman and the best we can do is to just get through it.

It is a condition that we see in our practice , as Acupuncturists, quite often and one that I have found to be very interesting. So, if this happened to be a condition that came up a lot in my practice, and one that truly can affect a lot of women’s lives in a very severe way, I started to look into effective options to manage it or even cure it. And one of the most effective methods I found was slightly unconventional; Orgasms.

Yes, I said Orgasms are an effective way of managing Premenstrual Syndrome.

Let me put this into context quickly. In Chinese Medicine, we classify PMS as a condition called Liver Qi Stagnation. The liver organ system stores blood and is in charge of making sure your “Qi” flows freely through your body. PMS occurs because the Liver is preparing for your body to shed its lining – this requires Qi and Blood to move freely. When the liver is out of balance, Qi gets blocked and stagnates which creates Liver Qi Stagnation. So, what we need during the time leading up to our period is to make sure Qi and Blood are moving freely in the body. When a woman has an orgasm her uterus contracts, she gets an influx of fresh blood to the uterus and her genitals, and her brain releases hormones like estrogen and oxytocin. Her muscles tense leading up to climax and then fully release during and after climax. This contraction process disperses Qi throughout the body and the influx of oxytocin and estrogen begins to regulate your hormones. This is why consistent Orgasms during the time leading up to you period can relieve PMS symptoms and symptoms during your period.

Although I am not fully immune to wanting to cry the week before my period because I got to yoga and looked down during my first downward dog and noticed my toe nails weren’t painted, my PMS symptoms have drastically decreased and so have a lot of my clients. I do contribute a lot of my mental well being to a consistent Spiritual / Mindfulness practice and consistent support, but I have found that consistent Orgasms prior to your period are an effective method of managing that pre-menstrual irritability or weepiness that a huge majority of women experience.

If our goal really is “Wholistic Health” then we have so many aspects of a human being that we can pull from in order to elevate their Health and Wellbeing. Sexual health really is a method of medicine, not just a category of a person.

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